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Blocks are boxes of content rendered into an area, or region, of a web page. The default theme Garland, for example, implements the regions “left sidebar”, “right sidebar”, “content”, “header”, and “footer”, and a block may appear in any one of these areas. The blocks administration page provides a drag-and-drop interface for assigning a block to a region, and for controlling the order of blocks within regions.
Although blocks are usually generated automatically by modules (like the
User login
block, for example), administrators can also define custom blocks. Custom blocks have a title, description, and body. The body of the block can be as long as necessary, and can contain content supported by any available
input format Contact
The contact module facilitates communication via e-mail, by allowing your site’s visitors to contact one another (personal contact forms), and by providing a simple way to direct messages to a set of administrator-defined recipients (the contact page). With either form, users specify a subject, write their message, and (optionally) have a copy of their message sent to their own e-mail address.
Personal contact forms allow users to be contacted via e-mail, while keeping recipient e-mail addresses private. Users may enable or disable their personal contact forms by editing their My account page. If enabled, a Contact tab leading to their personal contact form is available on their user profile. Site administrators have access to all personal contact forms (even if they have been disabled). The Contact tab is only visible when viewing another user’s profile (users do not see their own Contact tab).
The contact page provides a simple form for visitors to leave comments, feedback, or other requests. Messages are routed by selecting a category from a list of administrator-defined options; each category has its own set of e-mail recipients. Common categories for a business site include, for example, “Website feedback” (messages are forwarded to web site administrators) and “Product information” (messages are forwarded to members of the sales department). The actual e-mail addresses defined within a category are not displayed. Only users in roles with the access site-wide contact form permission may access the contact page.

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