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Expedited U.S Passport Services

At Masters we are experts at expediting your needs, while maintaining a high level of quality and professionalism, right here in the heart of New York City.

We make applying for your expedited passports simple and fast.

 The Masters Passport Difference

State Department:                                                           Masters Passport:

* 3-8 Weeks for expedited passport service            * As Little as 24-48 Hours

* Little to No Support                                                   * Constant Support

* Will Return Incorrect Documents                          * More detailed Instructions,

Causing additional delays and expenses                  * Fast turnaround

One of our representatives will always be available to answer your questions at

1-844-MYVISAS or visit us in person to jumpstart your passport expediting process.


We thank you for choosing Masters Passport to expedite your US passport.

Let us begin by having you Choose from One of the Options below:


New Passport

renew passport

Children's Passport, Expedited Children's PassportDuplicate Passport, Passport Duplicate Services

Name ChangesLost Passport, Stolen Passport


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