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China Visa Overview

Citizens of the United States traveling to China are required to have a valid China visa and 6 months of validity remaining on your passport. Without these two key components, you will not be allowed to visit China, and will be subject to immediate deportation.

A multiple-entry visa is essential if you plan to re-enter China, especially if you plan to visit either Hong Kong or Macau.

Masters can help you obtain a China Visa from NYC and beyond. Both business and tourist visas to China are issued in the United States by the China embassy and consulate office.

It is recommended to apply for a Chinese visa 3 to 4 weeks before your travel date. While the visa process itself may only take a few days to complete, it is always best practice to add as much time as possible.

If this is last minute travel – don’t worry – we’ll take good care of you, but give us a call to discuss your situation in detail.

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